Who can submit a proposal for a Green Fund grant?
Any member of the UArizona community may submit a grant proposal, but students must collaborate with an employee to submit a complete proposal. For example, every project needs an appointed Business Manager, which is an official UArizona-designated title for an employee who has access to a University business account. Any money awarded to your project will be transferred to a UArizona account, and the Business Manager will be in charge of dispersing funds.

For more information about Mini Grant requirements, review these Mini Grants Application Details.

How is the Green Fund supported?
Approved by the Arizona Board of Regents in 2010, funding for the Green Fund comes from UArizona student tuition.

As a student-funded program, Green Fund grants are available to any member of the UArizona community, from undergraduates to campus staff. Notably, grants are also awarded by a committee of ten graduate and undergraduate students, which means the decisions behind this student-funded program are made by students.

When will I know if my project was approved?
The Green Fund Committee will publicly recommend funding for proposed Annual Grant projects in March. Refer to the important dates listed on the Green Fund homepage for a more specific timeline.

When will funding be available for approved projects?
Funds for approved projects will be available after July 1st. Funds will not be released before this date.

How are the allocated funds managed?
Funds are managed through the Office of the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, and funding procedures adhere to established UArizona business policies.

How do I get approval from University units (such as Facilities Management or UA Planning, Design & Construction) for my proposal?
The Green Fund Committee will only fund proposals that already have approval from all UArizona departments with an important stake in the proposed project. Because of this, proposals will need to involve direct contact between students, faculty, and staff–a potentially intimidating hurdle for first-time authors. But remember, the UArizona is a community, and we're all in this together.

Is it possible the Committee will offer to partially fund a proposal?

Yes. The Committee reserves the right to partially fund any project.

What exactly is a PAR?
A Program Alteration Request (PAR) is the form that must be submitted to the Green Fund Committee proposing any changes grant recipients would like to make to their project after it has already been accepted.

For example, if the scope of a project changes and a project manager sees a need to spend money differently than originally planned, or if project members would like to apply for an extension, or request extra funds–a PAR is the form they would need to file in order to do so. Refer to the Resources / Forms page for more information.

PAR's are discussed and voted on at public meetings held by the Green Fund Committee throughout the semester. For schedule information, see the important dates listed on the Green Fund homepage.

Still have questions?
General questions regarding Annual and Mini Grants, the application process or funding process questions may be submitted to the Green Fund Committee here