Committee Information

Green Fund grants are awarded by a committee of ten graduate and undergraduate UA students who, like you, are interested in making the University a more sustainable institution. Green Fund Committee members serve for one year, and come from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

Six of these student-held positions are "at-large," which means any full- or part-time UA student with a GPA of 2.0 or higher, who has paid the UA registration fee and is not on academic probation, can apply for this position. These six students are selected from a pool of applicants by the outgoing Green Fund Committee before the end of each spring semester. The additional four positions are filled by the ASUA and GPSC leadership teams, which each appoint two undergraduate or graduate students to the Committee.

The UA Green Fund Committee is responsible for soliciting, reviewing, accepting, and funding all Green Fund Annual Grant and Mini Grant proposals. Members keep track of applications, hold funded projects accountable for ongoing costs, work to recruit new committee members, and keep tabs on whether the application process is working. Members also participate in weekly and monthly meetings during which applications for grants and PARs are considered and voted on.

Supported by the UA Office of Sustainability and advisors appointed by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, as Annual Grant preproposals arrive each fall, the committee goes into full gear, working hard to make sure every single application gets proper consideration.

Information about current Committee members is available via the Committee member directory, and questions may be submitted directly to the Committee here.

The Green Fund Committee is part of a set of UA-wide structures established in 2010 to expand the University's sustainability programs.

Enter the Board Room (committee members only).