Annual Grants

Green Fund Committee Mission Statement

The Green Fund Committee allocates funding for projects designed to make the University of Arizona a more environmentally sustainable institution. Criteria for grants vary, but with a focus on sustainability and an emphasis on student involvement and campus collaboration, the Committee has offered funding to projects in the past that worked to:

Project Guidelines

Required Proposal Information

Submit for review NO MORE than a 2 page project proposal, addressing, but not limited to the following points.

Proposals should:

Proposals should be clear, concise and informative. Proposals are the primary source of information for members of the Green Fund Committee, who refer to them frequently when making funding decisions. Green Fund Committee members use a Rubric to assess grant proposals. The Green Fund Rubric can be found  here. Applicants are required to identify the Project Manager who will lead or supervise the project and the Fiscal Officer who will oversee the financial transactions for the proposal. Both signers have to be University of Arizona staff or faculty.

Applicants will have the opportunity to present a five-minute presentation early in the spring semester about their proposal to the Committee. All communication between the Committee and the applicant will be made via e-mail to ensure transparency of the application and review process. 

While the Committee would like to fund every great idea, it is not feasible to do so. Alternative options may be included with the proposal to allow the Committee to form an effective compromise with the applicant instead of rejecting the proposal outright.

The Annual Grant application submission period typically opens in early December and closes in mid-January. This site will be updated as exact dates are established each year. 


Please include a detailed FY 2022 Green Fund Budget Template.xlsx. In addition, use the bottom of the template to itemize all sources of matching funding (including in-kind) in support of the proposed project—including funding that has been applied for but not yet awarded. When submitting the Budget Spreadsheet, please shorten file name to submit successfully. 

Questions regarding completing the budget template application process may be submitted via the Green Fund Committee's online form.