Progress Reports & PAR Forms

Progress Reports

Progress Reports are due by August 31 and December 31 each year that a project receives funding. Additional information regarding progress report requirements and updates to this schedule may be communicated to project managers directly via email.

Please submit progress reports using the online form.

Note: If you are filing a Progress Report for a First Year Student Fee funded project, please visit the First Year Student Fee site.

Program Alteration Requests (PAR)
Sometimes changes need to be made to how money is spent. If your project requires a change, please carefully review the PAR Flowchart to determine if you need to submit a PAR. The board will review these requests during its Fall and Spring open meetings.

Please complete the PAR Form with the following information as found in section 2.III of the Governing Documents.

III. Program Alteration Requests

  1. Whether the proposed changes are consistent with the original intent of the proposal, i.e. in terms of student priorities addressed and impact.
  2. The rationale for the request.
  3. The current success of the program.
  4. The additional benefits gained from the change.
  5. The revised budget.