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ID Project Name Department Manager Initial Year Selected Year Funding Status
SF22.31 ADM Student Success District Office of the Provost Allyson McAdams FY22 $81,500 Active
SF22.15F3 Women & Gender Resource Center Diversity and Inclusion Kim Dominguez FY22 $190,200 Active
SF22.12F3 UA Basic Needs Center Support ASUA (Associated Students of the University of Arizona) Bridgette Nobbe FY22 $112,600 Active
SF22.08F3 Global Experiential Learning Diversity and Inclusion Dan Xayaphanh FY22 $118,100 Active
SF22.06F3 Disability Cultural Center Diversity and Inclusion Natividad Rico FY22 $164,400 Active
SF21.13P3 VETS (Veterans Education and Transition Services) VETS (Veterans Education & Transition Services) Duan Copeland FY21 $243,000 Active
SF21.10F3 Thrive Center Peer Mentoring Thrive Center William Bryan FY21 $521,900 Active
SF21.06P3 ReaP, POD, and Student Showcase GPSC (Graduate and Professional Student Council) Shilpita Sen FY21 $210,000 Active
SF21.05F3 Project Pave the Way Admissions Manny Leon FY21 $93,800 Active