Apply for Funding

Student Services Fee funds are available to all departments and units within the the University of Arizona. The purpose of the fee is to enhance the student experience at the University of Arizona.

If you would like to submit a proposal for funding, the application requires detailed information, including:

  • A comprehensive description of the program or position in question
  • A compelling demonstration of need
  • A robust budget, using the spreadsheet provided
  • A goal-setting plan, including defining how goals will be measured
  • An explanation of how the program or position addresses the student priorities identified in the annual Student Services Fee survey

Proposals should be clear, concise and informative. Proposals are the primary source of information for members of the SSFAB, who refer to them frequently when making funding decisions. Applicants are required to identify the Project Director responsible for approving the proposal and the Fiscal Officer who will oversee the financial transactions for the proposal.

Applicants will have the opportunity to present a five-minute presentation about their proposal to the Board, however, all other communication between the Board and the applicant will be made via e-mail to ensure transparency of the application and review process. While the SSFAB would like to fund every great idea, it is not feasible to do so. Click on the Link below to start the Application.

Apply for Funding

Important Information

When entering your requested budget amount,  enter numeric numbers without symbols such as periods or commas, ( i.e. $195,500 should be 195500.)